TRAILER: Scary Movie 5

They say all good things must come to an end, so with any bad luck we’ll be posting about this series well into our golden years.

There has been talk about the return of the Scary Movie series for years, but only in the last six months has the project actually sprung to life. Today the film’s first trailer found its way online, and as you may have guessed, the results are as mixed as ever. A few gags work well, but others grow old fast (and this is only a trailer). I mean, how many times can we see a Paranormal Activity parody sequence in one year before writers find another film to spoof? According to Scary Movie 5, the answer is at least once more.

My biggest issue with this series is that it has continually veered further and further from the world of horror. It’s clear some films are being spoofed from the realm of terror here, but I also spot a Tyler Perry lookalike and that tells me the pop culture factor is probably as large as ever. As long as it’s not as gratuitously shameless as A Haunted House I’m sure audiences will find something to enjoy in Scary Movie 5, but I’m not betting on that being a sure thing just yet.

You can view the trailer after the jump. Scary Movie 5 opens April 12.

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