Texas Chainsaw managed to murder the competition and claim a top spot for the weekend box office.

Just like last year’s The Devil Inside (which was also completely awful) a horror movie managed to top the box office at the beginning of the year. Despite Texas Chainsaw being poorly reviewed it managed to make the most, dethroning The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Django Unchained. This shows once again that people will come out in droves to see a maniac slice up scantily clad twenty-somethings. You can see the full top ten list and how much the movies made after the jump. 

  1. Texas Chainsaw ($23,000,000)
  2. Django Unchained ($20,000,000)
  3. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ($17,500,000)
  4. Les Miserables ($16,000,000)
  5. Parental Guidance ($10,000,000) 
  6. Jack Reacher ($9,000,000)
  7. This Is 40 ($8,000,000)
  8. Lincoln ($5,000,000)
  9. The Guilt Trip ($4,500,000)
  10. Promised Land ($4,300,000)
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