REVIEW: The Plot In You – Could You Watch Your Children Burn

ARTIST: The Plot In You
ALBUM: Could You Watch Your Children Burn
GENRE: Metalcore
LABEL: Rise Records

The Plot In You quickly made a name for themselves when they released their debut full length album First Born. Since then they’ve embarked on various tours and generally stayed quiet. Some may say that all metalcore (or all music depending on who you ask) sounds the same but the band brought an aggressive sound to the scene that is unmistakeable. I was personally not a fan of that album, but they succeeded in gaining many loyal fans.

Generally speaking, metalcore isn’t “angry” music. There are obviously some pissed off musicians out there and they express themselves through their music, but there’s also a lot of positive messages for fans. That would not necessarily be the case for these guys. The album kicks off with a track titled “Premeditated”, which is a song about the murder of a rapist. Landon’s voice is right on point and his spoken word/clean vocals are rough which fits the sound these guys are going for.

“Troll” is definitely one of the best tracks on the record. It’s fast paced, and sucks in you in right away. The breakdown near the end of the track isn’t so bad either. The last song that’s worth mentioning is “Sober And Soulless”. They take this song in a different direction than the rest and has a little bit more of a ballad feel. Landon sings the most in this track and it’s a nice break that fits well into the flow of the album.

If you weren’t really a fan of the band before, there’s a good chance you will like them now. While their aggressiveness hasn’t changed their sound has developed, especially the vocals. Landon’s vocals are easily what carry the album. Lyrically the album doesn’t always flow well, and that’s certainly a drawback, but he definitely has a good vocal range. The guitars are toned down from their previous release, which is a different direction from where they went with First Born. This is easily a downside for any hardcore fan of that album.

Though there are some weak areas in the album, overall it’s a good listen. Some fans will probably not like that there’s more clean vocals on this album than their previous release, which could be seen as a step back, but others might see it as a step forward. The band’s sound is definitely more developed, even with their shortcomings in the lyric and guitar department.

SCORE: 6/10
Review written by: Kriston McConnell

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