WATCH: Courtney Love – “99 Problems” (Jay-Z Cover)

A fan captured Courtney Love covering Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” at her performance on January 22 at Utah’s Sundance Film Festival.

Prior to performing Jay-Z’s rap classic, Love said, “This either sucks or it’s genius. I don’t know”.

Regarding her own musical career, Love told Rolling Stone back in October that she would be releasing her new single entitled “This Is War” on February 7.

“I’d put it out right now because it’s a two-minute, 59-second song and it’s sick, slamming, great,” Love said. “I think it’ll go Number One in the UK. However, in the United States, who fucking knows? I never thought I’d put out a 130, 135 BPM song. It’s a really fast rock song. I’m telling you, it’s probably the greatest rock song I’ve ever heard.”

Check out Love performing Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” below. 


Anthony Galasso
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