MOVIE TRAILER: Room 237 (The Shining Documentary)

It’s no secret that the Under the Gun film staff are huge horror fans. The Shining is an iconic piece of horror cinema, brought to life by master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.  It has scared, terrified, and confused viewers since its initial release. Today we are pleased to share with you a trailer for the upcoming documentary Room 237, a film deconstructing The Shining and the many theories that surround its intricate and often mind bending storyline.

While the trailer doesn’t give too much away, it really shows that Room 237 doesn’t just plan to crack open the film, but also pay homage to it, as well. Room 237 is being released by IFC Midnight, and is expected to come out some time this year in the US, and is available on VOD for our UK readers right now via iTunes.

You can view the trailer after the break, and let UTG know in the comments what some of your favorite The Shining moments are.


Tyler Osborne
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