Easy Killer Records & Apparel Sign Brian Marquis, The Company We Keep, Culprit, Night Verses, And Ramin Niroomand (In Fear And Faith)

Easy Killer Records & Apparel are going all out today by announcing the creation of their label and signing of some fine musicians. Gracing the roster of the newly established team are Brian Marquis, The Company We Keep, Culprit, Night Verses, and In Fear And Faith pianist/guitar player Ramin Niroomand. Check out the lengthy statement from the label through the jump and welcome Easy Killer to the scene!

“Easy Killer launched its new Record Label, today, February 26, 2013. The record label will feature artists such as Night Verses, The Company We Keep, Brian Marquis, Ramin Niroomand, Culprit, Tidewater, Mandolyn Mae, City Of Ghosts and more. Founded by Mike Judy and Kevin Gales, Easy Killer Records and Apparel is a new lifestyle brand offering high quality rock music and clothing.

Mike Judy and Kevin Gales bring years of music industry experience together to create a dynamic and powerful team. The past decade has seen Mike Judy rise from humble beginnings as a local Midwestern musician to a national fixture within the music industry. As a concert promoter, he’s booked everyone from Fall Out Boy to Snoop Dogg. Night Verses’ Doug Robinson is thrilled to work with Mike Judy and be a part of the Easy Killer team stating, “Mike Judy is an amazing individual. He has an incredible work ethic and he does everything with purest intent. He’s not one to compromise his integrity to make a buck in this industry. He’s always taken care of me throughout my years of extensive touring and he still continues to go above and beyond. He believes in what he does and backs those who believe in themselves. I’m proud to have him as a friend and as an asset to Night Verses.”

Moving forward with Easy Killer, Mike Judy cites talent and variance as chief factors in forming the roster. “When first discussing the direction we wanted to go with the label, the last thing we wanted to do was pigeon-hole ourselves by focusing on a relatively specific type of artist in terms of genre. Setting a low bar with reference to artistic integrity was also something we weren’t interested in pursuing. As things stand today, we’re beyond stoked to be coming out of the gate with such a diverse, skilled group of musicians.”

Kevin Gales, a finder of talent for over 20 years, in both Canada and the US has had tremendous success finding artists with little to no experience, and working with them to the point where they have a national presence, charting with both physical and digital sales. Kevin’s produced over 100 titles that have been released through a major label distributor and has managed the likes of Tidewater, Means, Emily Howard, Ashley Aucker, Raymond Gregory, Blind Witness, Becoming The Martyr amongst others, bringing them to their first national chart success. On collaborating with Mike Judy, Gales states, “Our partnership totally is genuine. We really believe that if the two of us come to an agreement on something, we’re ready to go to war for whatever that is.”

Easy Killer artist Brian Marquis stated, “I am excited to join the Easy Killer roster. The people behind the label are true music fans but also have a strong sense of business and community.” The Company We Keep have also expressed their excitement in joining the label stating, “We’re very excited to have Easy Killer in our corner as we finally release an LP. It’s comforting to actually know the people in charge, and we trust that we will be able to do big things together in 2013/2014 with the release of our first album.” With a uniquely diverse roster, Easy Killer Records is one you will want to keep an eye on.”

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