Into The Moat Re-releases 2003’s ‘Means By Which The End Is Justified’

What a gift for metal fans!

Insanely talented and underrated tech death/mathcore outfit Into The Moat have just re-released a re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered version of their 2003 debut EP, Means By Which The End Is Justified. It is available now to stream and download with a generous “name your price” option at their Bandcamp. These six tracks are currently pissing my neighbors off and pleasing me with some sweet, sweet heaviness.

Go have a listen or 10 yourself and if you’re able, pay at least something for the EP to help support this band. We’d love for them to be able to continue making chaotic, heavy music! Below the jump you can read a statement the band posted on their Facebook regarding the re-release of Means By Which The End Is Justified.

“10 years ago we released our first EP “Means By Which The End Is Justified”. Today, we’re releasing a re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered version of that EP for free. That’s right, free. So tell your friends, share this status, put it on Waffles, tweet and whatnot.

We wrote the majority of this EP in our senior year of highschool. Eventually we saved up enough cash, and recorded it at the legendary Studio 13 (Poison the Well). The re-released version we put out today sounds even better thanks to Nick Ziros, our favorite Greek bass player. We re-recorded all of the guitars, and remixed the drums and vocals. I (Earl) even redid some vocals on “Demise”. This was something we’ve wanted to do for years, but as you know we’re like… really lazy.

We sincerely hope you enjoy it! I’ll be putting up the leftover t-shirts and CDs on Bandcamp soon.”

Brian Leak
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