Built To Spill On A Hiatus

Today we discovered that in a recent conversation Built To Spill’s vocalist Doug Martsch had with a music critic who was writing an article for pitchfork.com he reportedly stated that the band is on a hiatus and will not be producing new music any time soon. He had that conversation with Jayson Greene and you can read the entire article by heading right here. Note that the article is not just about Built To Spill. You can read what Doug had to say about the hiatus by checking below the jump.

Lucky for us the band is still performing music from their current albums and they will be hitting the road in just a week. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for a full list of dates to see if they will be playing in your city.

He also shares with me, without prompting, that Built to Spill is on a bit of a hiatus. Their last record, the sweetly wry and surprisingly personal There Is No Enemy, is now four full years behind him. He spent some time recording material with his old rhythm section last year, but “wasn’t having a very good time,” he confesses. “The songs were pretty good and I thought those guys did a great job, but I had zero eureka moments. I had no just even happy moments. I was a little bit worried about myself– it’s harder getting older, thinking maybe I’ve run my course. I was happy to bag that record.”

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