REVIEW: Closer To Closure – ‘Rebirth’

ARTIST: Closer To Closure
ALBUM: Rebirth
GENRE: Hardcore
LABEL: Oxide Entertainment

Sometimes I will be listening to an album when I pause and wonder to myself, “Why am I listening to this? Why do I like this kind of music?” Why indeed. I’d like to think it’s the passion – there’s the passion of the musicians who pour their souls into the music they make, and it’s the passion we feel when we’re listening to that same music or singing along to it in our cars, at a show, anywhere really.

Closer To Closure are passionate about what they do. You can hear it in all of the tracks on their debut EP Rebirth. The opening track, “In Depths”, paints a clear picture of what you can expect for the rest of the album. The unclean vocalist has a great range and showcases a number of different screams ranging from some highs and deep growls. The only real drawback to the song is the seemingly weaker clean vocals who don’t really add much to the sound.

All of the tracks on the album are good – none of them are bad, but none of them are great either. Most of the songs sound similar with the chugging guitars, perfectly timed clean choruses and inevitable breakdowns. With that being said though, “Dead Ringer” is a nice and short instrumental track until it abruptly ends with the kick off of the last track “Lost.” This track is one of the best on the album. It’s a heavy hitting fast paced song with a bone to pick. There’s no clean vocals, just relentless high and low screams until the very last lyric.

The screaming vocals are the best asset the band has. If they either a. kept only the unclean vocals and cut out clean vocals or b. improved their clean vocals their album would easily deserve a higher score. In comparison to the unclean vocals the clean vocals just seem frail and disproportionally toned down. Hardcore bands usually try to utilize clean vocals to evoke emotions in the listener and should be engaging, but that doesn’t really happen.

As long as this group works on developing their vocals some more and add a little be more complexity/depth into the instrumental aspect of their songs they have a good chance of putting out some solid music. My best suggestion would be for their clean vocalist to let loose and don’t be afraid to really sing his lungs out on those choruses.

SCORE: 6.8/10
Review written by Kriston McConnell

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