Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” Video Has Us Impressed

The “cup trick” is certainly nothing new. We’re not talking about the one involving two girls or the jock favorite “cup check,” but more so the viral capacity one that we saw P.O.S. doing over four years ago that eventually made its way to Glee in the form of an Imagine Dragons cover, among numerous other iterations.

Regardless of its origin, one of our staff favorite dorks, Anna Kendrick, recently had a music video released for “Cups,” which is an extension of one of her characters’ audition performances in last year’s musical hit, Pitch Perfect (the song being “When I’m Gone”). Anna originally learned the “trick” after seeing it on Reddit. Nerd drool. “Cups” reminds us of the popular “Home” from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros that was used in multiple TV adverts in 2010/11. Could this possibly blow up in cell phone and car commercials as well?

Most of us didn’t know that Kendrick could sing prior to the film, but damn does this girl have a voice on her?! As most of the males on our staff were already crushing on the Academy Award nominated actress since we first experienced her as the fast talking and intelligent Ginny Ryerson in 2007’s Rocket Science, knowing that she has some pipes on her has certainly led to some ritualistic competition for her honor here at UTG. Namely hair pulling and name calling.

Kendrick seems to be in every movie there is as of late and if she can transition that trend to music videos as well, we won’t complain. Check out the fun and creative video for “Cups” immediately after the “Read more” break.

Brian Leak
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