Eisley Has Launched A $100,000 Kickstarter

It’s all the rage these days with budding musicians. Have the fans pay for your work so you can continue making music and buying groceries. Makes sense.

The latest on this bandwagon? Eisley. The indie-rock family band from Tyler, Texas is requesting a grand total of $100,000 from their fans on Kickstarter so they can continue to tour indefinitely. Their goal is to tour the US, UK and Australia in support of their upcoming record, Currents.

Speaking of Eisley tour dates, the band will be on tour with Say Anything in America from June 6 to July 12. Check out the tour dates on Facebook.

If you want to donate, feel free to do so on the band’s Kickstarter. They’re offering some pretty solid rewards for their backers. 


Anthony Galasso
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