Ke$ha Goes From Bad To Worse; Adds Pitbull To “Crazy Kids” Remix

Last week we brought you a stream of Ke$ha’s “Crazy Kids” remix featuring club-rap phenomenon The track was, to put it lightly, panned across the board by critics and fans alike. People love Ke$ha’s care-free brand of music, but the addition of’s referential musical styling was one no one wanted to hear. So what do you do when you superstar-studded remix flops? Simple. Release another version, only this time featuring someone people will [hopefully] want to hear.

The latest remix of “Crazy Kids” hit the net this morning and instead of boasts a new verse from Pitbull. While I can appreciate the attempt at keeping the party aesthetic alive and well, I’m not sure it would have been possible for Ke$ha to have found a worse replacement for Pitbull’s music is borders on flat-out sponsored marketing more often than not, and he spends more times referencing himself in songs than he does developing concepts or themes. His music is a vapid as it gets and his so are his contributions to “Crazy Kids.” You can stream the track and hear the apathetic bars for yourself at the end of this post.

Ke$ha deserves to be the biggest female pop star in the world at the moment. Her 2012 effort Warrior was the best pop album released last year, but the unforeseen controversy that developed over her single “Die Young” following the Newtown School Massacre has been extremely hard to shake. The second single “C’Mon” failed to crack the top ten, and now “Crazy Kids” is being promoted on not one, but two terrible remixes.

Turn it around, Ke$ha. You’re capable of more and your fans deserve better. Don’t let us down.

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