Sigur Rós To Appear In ‘Simpsons’ Season Finale

The Simpsons have long had celebrity guest appearances with both famous actors and bands. Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Rós will appear in Season 24’s finale on Sunday, May 19. SPIN noticed this, picking it up from a Reykjavík newspaper, which states, according to Google Translate, “Original music Sigur Rós will have much weight on the show, but … in addition to members of the team have been drawn into the show and will probably strut around the screen yellow color.

So, if you’re a big Simpsons fan and a big post-rock fan, the two will collide in yellow color in a few weeks. One of my favorite Simpsons episodes is actually when the Red Hot Chili Peppers guest in it, though I have not loved the show as I once did in a few years. If strutting around the screen in yellow color means something other than what we’ve interpreted it as, we’ll let you know; we’ll likely let you know how Sigur Rós helps Homer in his shenanigans later this month.

Dan Bogosian
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