Chiodos Almost Finished Writing New Album; Plan To Record Following Warped Tour

The return of Craig Owens to Chiodos last Fall stirred fans of the Michigan-based group into a frenzy. There were tour dates, many of which sold out, but now that the initial buzz has worn off many are wondering when new music from the group might surface.

While we cannot say for certain when Chiodos will release their new album, we learned at 3PM (EST) today, May 13, that they have been working on new material. The group released a lengthy open letter to fans, and in the message they explain that they needed to learn how to work together before they could focus on creating new music. Their ability to cohesively create is now stronger than ever, and the band hope to finish writing and begin recording by the time Warped Tour 2013 comes to a close. You can view their letter below, or by clicking here to visit the official Chiodos website.

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