Belle Manoir Announce Breakup

The post hardcore act known as Belle Manoir have been very quiet as of late, and now we probably know the reason why. Today they announced that they are parting ways as a band. They did not go into specifics, but in a nutshell they stated that hearts have changed in a way where the band cannot continue any longer. You can read the full statement from the band by taking a look below the jump.

The band formed in Houston, Texas in 2010 and in that time released a pretty great EP, titled Century Tree. If you never heard of these guys before, I would recommend checking out their EP and picking it up on iTunes when you get the chance.

This post isn’t to give anyone’s side of the story, just the facts. In the end, it doesn’t matter why or how. The wonderful journey that has come to be known as “Belle Manoir” has come to an end. People change, tastes change; their visions and dreams change as a result. Change is a necessary thing in life. Sometimes you have to be knocked down in order to come back as a stronger, better person. We are all eternally thankful to everyone that has supported us over the years. Fans as dedicated as you help make the world of music a far more communal, interactive and an overall excellent place to be. If it’s of interest to you, make sure that you keep an ear out for new music from all of the members.

Thank you all.

Belle Manoir

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