UTG INTERVIEW: Little Daylight

“Our goal is to pursue each song with a completely open mind. We love to create a world of sound and allow each song to be a journey.”

Under the Gun Review is thrilled to bring you this exclusive interview with Brooklyn’s somewhat elusive, but always enjoyable, pop trio, Little Daylight. The band took some time to speak with us about how they came to be, their upcoming release plans, and much more, so read through and get the scoop from Little Daylight, one of our favorite new up-and-coming acts with a lot to offer.

After the interview, you can enjoy their brand new track, “Glitter And Gold,” which just released today.

First off, can you state the names of the members of Little Daylight and what their roles entail?

Nikki, Matt, and Eric. In the studio everything’s fair game instrument-wise and often we don’t even really remember who played what part by the time a song is finished. The writing and producing process are extremely collaborative for us, and most of it is done in the studio. We’re currently going through the process of absorbing and processing 40+ ideas that the 3 of us have initiated over the past few months as we begin work on a full length album.

Live, Nikki sings and plays synth. Matt plays guitar, synth, and vocoder. Eric plays bass and synth. Our friend Ernesto plays drums.

So how did you all come together originally to create this project?

We’ve all been very close friends for awhile now and have been eager to collaborate musically together, and it came together really magically once we decided to start a band. We began by spending a few weeks at a friend’s lake house upstate and that was where the ideas for the first batch of songs began.

You have a few tracks and a slew of remixes that I can find, and “Glitter And Gold” today, but is there any word on an official release or more material?

Yes! We are very excited to announce that our EP will be coming out on August 6. We have a few remixes on the way as well (for Ra Ra Riot and Atlas Genius). Then the EP along with a bunch of remixes that will be done of our songs by others.

Speaking of remixes, artists really like to rework your tracks. How does that feel to have different musicians taking an interest in your music and creating their own versions of your songs?

It’s amazing for us. The bulk of the work that we did for the first few months of our existence was remixes for other bands, so for us to now get to hear other people take on our songs…that’s just a really wonderful feeling. It’s with a childlike wonder that we hit play each time a new remix comes into our inbox. And that never gets old.

You guys do a lot of remix work yourselves. Is there a particular one that you’re most proud of?

We have a lot of favorites. One that was uniquely special to us was the one we did for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. The original song is so simple and beautiful and our intention on that one was to try to get in the minds of that band and remix their track as they would have remixed it (if they were remixers). We didn’t push it too much towards the club, but created something that we think is the natural journey that the song would have taken had Alex Ebert and co. pushed it a little further production-wise. They were super excited about the remix and actually released it as a single for the song and got it licensed for some TV stuff as well.

Your songs are catchy, fun, and dreamy (amongst many, many more positive adjectives), but what is your focus for your music when you write and record these songs? What is your goal for how you want these to turn out?

Our goal is to pursue each song with a completely open mind. We love to create a world of sound and allow each song to be a journey. Our instincts are such that when all is said and done, we usually end up with a pop song. We are inspired by all kinds of different music, but definitely do have a particular affinity for classic pop songwriting, so that finds a way into our songs. We also listen to a ton of dance music, so rhythm and dance-ability are always on our minds.

How does it feel to have already gotten so much press and praise with only having a few tracks released? I see Little Daylight exploding once you get even just one EP out. Car commercials and the works. Do you see yourself going that route?

We haven’t really thought or talked about this. Our focus right now is on creating music and playing it live. We are open to exposing our music in interesting and creative ways once it’s finished. It feels great to have gotten some attention with just a couple of songs and some remixes, but we are very excited to get this EP out into the world, and then the LP down the line. That’s when the fun will really start.

If the internet never existed, from a musician’s standpoint, do you think LD would have ever happened? Where do you think you guys would be today?

Absolutely it still would have happened. The internet certainly has been a catalyst for disseminating music quickly, but I don’t think a band like ours is dependent on the internet. We didn’t meet on Craigslist or anything. I think, without the internet, we’d be doing much the same thing that we’re doing now: writing and recording songs, playing shows. I guess we wouldn’t be answering questions for a blog. Instead, we’d probably be hanging out, having a beer, and talking about these things. That wouldn’t be bad!

I’d much prefer a beer indeed…and some pizza. So besides this tour, what else do you guys have in store this year?

Recordings, touring. Repeat.

Outside of the band, what do you guys have going on in your individual daily routines?

At this point, we’re fortunate enough to stop doing all the other things we had been doing and are focused 100% on Little Daylight. There comes a time in a band when it requires all of everyone’s energy and time in order to actualize the vision, and for Little Daylight that time has come. We couldn’t be more happy about it.

So why Little Daylight? Why not Big Daylight, or Medium Daylight? Or even Massive Daylight… Does your guys’ name mean anything specific to you?

Little Daylight describes those magic hours of the early morning and dusk. We love those times and we think our music is meant for those times. Massive Daylight sounds too bright and scary, and we’d have to wear sunglasses.


Written and conducted by: Brian Lion – Follow him on Twitter

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