Watch One Direction’s ‘This Is Us’ Trailer

One Direction released the trailer for their upcoming 3D venture and it’s basically like every other one to come before it; a back story, scenarios that show you they’re just like you, and concert footage.

If you’ve seen the Jonas Brothers’, Justin Bieber’s or even Katy Perry’s, you can expect more or less the same with One Direction’s This Is Us when it hits theaters August 30. Wait, this one has Harry Styles though, so to some it might be better than the others. It also showcases things like the boy band visiting foreign countries, building tents and their friendship.

This Is Us has to be an ode to their elders, right? You may’ve forgotten (or have never known) it was the name of Backstreet Boys’ 2009 album.

Anyway, you can view the trailer below. Feel free to squeal.

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