Sean Paul Streams “Entertainment” Featuring Juicy J and 2 Chainz

After a bit of time away, Sean Paul ensures his return to the pop charts receives maximum exposure by recruiting Juicy J and 2 Chainz for one of the wildest singles you’ll hear this season.

Dropping online sometime in the last 24 hours, “Entertainment” finds Sean Paul taking his signature reggae-infused sound and focusing it on more pure pop structure. Juicy J leads the way with a lyrical appetizer of money and sex, but even though every word he utters hits with perfect delivery it all takes a major back seat to the strength of the track’s beat and hook. Sean Paul delivering songs that make you want to dance is nothing new, but his ability to evolve with the ever-changing landscape of mainstream music is something worthy of admiration. Add some 2 Chainz shenanigans to this mix and you have an unquestionable club hit for the remainder of 2013. Click below to stream “Entertainment.”

If our sources are correct, fans can expect “Entertainment” to appear on iTunes this Tuesday, June 25. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Sean Paul’s latest.

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