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This week, Angie puts a spotlight on Myq Kaplan’s comedy career. If you or your comedy troupe would like to be featured on Stand-Up Tuesdays, please email

It’s not often that a stand-up comedian can raise the collective IQ’s of his or her audience, but then again, Boston native Myq Kaplan is not your average performer. Proving that there will always be market for intelligent humor, Kaplan’s new CD, Meat Robot (Comedy Central Records) will not only have you laughing your bougie ass off, but may also teach you a thing or two.

Kaplan’s Meat Robot sees none of the slowing down Kaplan was forced to do throughout his time as a finalist on Last Comic Standing as he patiently paused for laugh breaks – something that I firmly believe put his set at a disadvantage to others. Kaplan is at his best when rifting at his own manic pace. There’s simply no time to wait for stragglers to catch up as Kaplan has already moved seamlessly onto the next topic.

Perhaps it is the English major in me that becomes infatuated with Kaplan’s ability to almost dance vocally with words, taking our most used (and misused) expressions and pointing out how lazily or thoughtlessly we toss them around.

It could very well be my inner geek that falls head over heels in love with Kaplan’s often silly, yet surprisingly accurate math jokes (even if others choose to disagree on Kaplan’s calling the square root of a negative number irrational).

At the end of the day, Myq Kaplan’s Meat Robot is the perfect fix for nerds, whether you are a grammar nerd, a math nerd, or just an overall comedy nerd. And despite how much smarter Kaplan appears to be than other comedians, he doesn’t come off as thinking he is better than you. Missed that double movie reference? That’s okay – Kaplan will lend a helping hand so you don’t miss out. He’s just that kind of guy.

Myq Kaplan’s Meat Robot is available now on iTunes, so put aside whatever you’re doing and download it right now!

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