Volcano Choir Stream ‘Repave’

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon may not be known for releasing much material with his flagship group, but in 2013 he has made one hell of an effort to put out more new material than any other single year in his entire career. Now, two weeks ahead of its street date, the sometimes quiet songwriter has partnered with NPR to premiere the latest album from his Volcano Choir projected entitled, Repave.

Showcasing the slightly more experimental rock-leaning side of Vernon, Volcano Choir have built a huge following without much promotion at all. Their debut album arrived in 2009, long before the fandom for Bon Iver arrived, and in the years following For Emma has become a ‘need to know’ release for anyone claiming to be hip to the modern folk scene. Repave finds the band making huge sonic leaps forward from their debut, which isn’t hard to imagine given the amount of time that has passed, but there is no denying that they still have one foot firmly planted in the world of experimentation. You can stream the album on NPR’s music blog.

We may or may not be reviewing Repave ahead of its release, but we certainly recommend it to anyone seeking new music. Even at his worst, Justin Vernon is still more talented and creative than 80% of musicians working today.

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