2 Chainz Arrested In Oklahoma After Standoff With Police

2 Chainz is currently on tour in the US with fellow rapper Lil Wayne. According to 2 Chainz, his bus was pulled over by police due to a broken tail light. When cops asked the driver to exit the bus because there was “evidence of drug use” 2 Chainz and his entourage locked the doors of the bus and wouldn’t let police in without a warrant.

Police towed the bus to the local police station, and after nine hours of being locked up in the bus, police finally were let in with a warrant to search for drugs. 2 Chainz and 11 other men were arrested for “interfering with official process.” According to some tweets by 2 Chainz, there were no drugs on the bus, however, police are claiming there were drugs and they are trying to identify who they belonged to. You can read his tweets by taking a look below the jump.

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