Music Video: Sisyphus (Sufjan Stevens, Serengeti, Son Lux) – “Alcohol”

The trio formerly known as s / s / s announced their art exhibit-accompanying, self-titled album late last year with the single “Calm It Down.” That album should now be available… if you live near the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN. Otherwise, you’ll be waiting like the rest of us for the Asthmatic Kitty/Joyful Noise release on March 18.

Until then, wet your appetite with this creepy collage of internet things, which would be an uneasy watch even before adding the quick-tongued Serengeti and the ominous percussion. The advertisement that this is a lyric video is slightly misleading given that lyrics only appear on screen for five seconds.

I would just like to note that one of the aforementioned internet images among puking jack-o-lanterns, Brad Pitt’s abs and facial hair, and Miley Cyrus is a still of Lorne, the empath demon from the Joss Whedon/David Greenwalt series Angel. That’s not an important detail, just a cool and wholly unexpected one.

Tyler Hanan
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