Too Good To Resist: Ginuwine – “Pony” (eSenTRIK Remix)

We love a good remix at UTG, and this morning DJ eSenTRIK delivered something completely unexpected that we believe will make your Monday a bit more enjoyable.

Unless you were born in mid-late 90s, there is a fairly decent chance you remember when Ginuwine first rose to fame. His single “Pony” was everywhere. I was barely in elementary school when it hit in 1996, but I can still remember my mom turning up the car stereo when it came on, and before long I learned every single word (which I still remember to this day).

It took another five years for me to realize what it was I was singing all those years ago, but I now understand why my doing so amused adults to such a great degree. It’s one of those rare pop gems that is filthy in every way, but thanks to creative lyricism can be played in its entirety on the radio without causing much alarm. DJ eSenTRIK tore into the song’s guts with this remix, and in the end pull out all the gruff sexual overtones for the world to appreciate. His take on the track is catchy, dirty, and thoroughly infectious in its own right without losing the heart of the original. We’ll bring you a download as soon as one becomes available.

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