UTG TV: Riotcast Founder Rob Sprance Discusses The Network and ‘The Hole’

Last Friday night I found myself in a small room with 10 strangers. We were in an apartment-turned-podcasting studio in New York City. Just two flights of stairs below us is the epicenter of all things in the world of professional humor, the Comedy Cellar.

The guitars are jamming in my headphones and the room is already stuffy. Then comes the intro drop: “Welcome to The Hole.”

For the next hour, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d only listened to the The Hole podcast a few times after meeting the host Rob Sprance via the internet. Sprance is the founder of the Riotcast Network, a premiere destination for the podcasts of comedians and all sorts of personalities. Currently, it boasts Robert Kelly’s You Know What Dude?, Jim Florentine’s Comedy Metal Midgets, Nick DiPaolo, Rob’s show, The Hole, and much more.

Check out below the jump to see some photos from the studio, UTG TV’s exclusive interview with Riotcast Founder Rob Sprance and listen to my brief appearance on the show.


The studio is makeshift but suitable for its purpose. It’s a room in a great location with a lot of microphones. What was most important was that it was filled with clever and funny people (not sure If I count towards that).


The gameplan for the evening was simple. The group was doing a back-to-back podcast taping. I was invited to come sit in on one taping, then conduct the interview with Rob. Afterwards, I opted to stay for the next taping.


Rob and the whole team really made me feel at home throughout the entire experience. In both episodes, he called me up to the microphone to discuss the interview and some ridiculous off-topic conversations.


Below you can see UTG’s exclusive interview with the founder of Riotcast about the formation and future of the network and some insight into the world of podcasting.

You can also check out the first podcast that was recorded, where I am featured in the last ten minutes of the show. But come on, listen to the whole thing. I know your desk job is boring–mine is, too. If you can keep up with the mayhem ensuing in the room, you’re sure to burst out in a few fits of laughter.




Produced by: Derek Scancarelli
Photography by: D. SKANK PHOTOGRAPHY

Derek Scancarelli
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