Iggy Azalea Apologizes For Lip Syncing Blunder On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

It’s no great secret that most, if not all pop stars use vocal tracks when performing on television. This is one hundred percent true in any situation involving large scale production, like when Iggy Azalea attempted to bring her “Fancy” lyrical skills to the set of Dancing With The Stars‘ finale earlier this week.

It all happened in front of millions of viewers. Azalea was about to begin “Fancy,” complete with a stage made to look like a high school prom, when it appears that the backing track started before Iggy was ready to perform. She attempted to make the best of the situation, but her delivery fell behind the lead vocal track. Azalea stopped performing, apologized to the audience, removed her ear piece, and resumed rapping by the time the full beat dropped in the midst of the song’s first verse. You can view the performance at the end of this post.

Taking to Twitter in the hours following the show’s premiere, Azalea apologized again to fans for the problems with her performance. “Iam so sorry guys,” she wrote. “My in ears messed up and I couldn’t hear the track. The dramas of live TV. Shit happens. Still really enjoyed it.”

Iggy’s debut album, The New Classic, is available now.


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