See Super Hero Chris Pratt And His Super Hero Motorcycle In ‘Jurassic World’ Images

Jurassic World is due in next year, along with every other blockbuster worth its salt, but it’s never too early for pretty pictures that don’t really tell us much.

What these pictures (via A.V. Club) do tell us, though, is mighty important. Chris Pratt is still in full dreamboat Star-Lord mode, Bryce Dallas Howard is still a striking class act, and the adorable kid from Iron Man 3 and the Insidious movies is still an adorable kid, especially when he is clearly thinking “woooaaah duuuuude.”

One thing is still missing, though: the other cast members! Will Jake Johnson be similarly dreamboaty? What is Judy Greer up to? What’s the Kingpin up to? And those wily dinosaurs, I suppose, a look at them would be cool, too. Stay tuned – when those reptilian rascals finally show their faces, we’ll let you know.




Tyler Hanan
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