New ‘Zero Theorem’ Trailer: Christoph Waltz Will Try To Solve The World’s Greatest Mystery

Why do we exist? Some will tell you we are put here to experience the many joys of life, or that we are simply here to eat and mate, only to have a whole new generation rise up and do the same. That cannot be all there is though, right?

This question, or at least the answer to this question, is something that plagues Christoph Waltz in the latest trailer for Terry Gilliam’s long-gestating Zero Theorem. The film follows an eccentric and reclusive computer genius (Waltz) who is tasked with discovering the purpose of existence – or lack thereof – once and for all. He knows it is a big task going in, but it seems no one understands just how impossible answering such a universally discussed inquiry may be, and soon a whole mess of nonsense begins to occur in ways that remind everyone they are being offered a glimpse of something created in the mind of Terry Gilliam.

There was a trailer released for this film near the beginning of the year that promised a summer 2014 release. We are now less than a month away from the true beginning of summer and still no specific release date has been revealed. The film’s site still proclaims summer 2014, however, so it’s possible The Zero Theorem may see the light of day before the leaves change. I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation or bet my life on that possibility becoming an actual occurrence, but it certainly COULD happen.

Whatever the case, one day in the not too distant future The Zero Theorem will be released. We’ll update you as soon as more information becomes available.

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