Full ‘Expendables 3’ Trailer: Click Here For Your Daily Dose Of Adrenaline

It’s no great secret that several people walked away from The Expendables 2 feeling a little let down. While the film was certainly over-the-top in terms of action and thrills, something about the whole affair felt a bit inauthentic in comparison to the original. I cannot claim to fully believe the upcoming Expendables 3 will be any less silly, but the film’s first full trailer makes the latest concoction of aging action stars and bullets seem at least a tad bit interesting.

Opening with a large explosion seemingly caused by Wesley Snipes forcing a high speed train to collide with an unidentified building, the world’s first true look at the third entry in the Expendables franchise does its best to grab your attention from the very beginning. Unlike the film’s initial teasers, this clip focuses less on the stellar (larger than ever before) cast and more on the elaborate action sequences and countless random bad guys viewers can look forward to seeing gunned down when the flick rolls into theaters a little under two months from now. You can view the trailer below:

The highlight of this clip, at least in my opinion, is the appearance of Kelsey Grammar. It’s still unclear how involved he will be in the key action sequences, but at least we know now we can expect a solid punchline or two before his screen time is over. Also, Mel Gibson!

I hate the fact this film is PG-13 as much as the next pure-blooded American with a movie violence quota that needs filled on a regular basis, but there is a lot to love about this trailer. If the film can deliver on even half the fun teased above, I think viewers can feel safe spending their hard earned money on tickets to catch Expendables 3 on the big screen when it opens August 15. If you need more convincing, be on the lookout for a second (and possibly third) trailer to debut in the weeks ahead. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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