Jack & The Bear Inks Deal With The Arbor Agency And North Star Media

Today, The Arbor Agency has announced Jack & The Bear as its third signing to their Michigan-based management company. Hailing from the city of Bolles Harbor, MI, Jack is a bug-eyed, cocker spaniel, influential figure and diddly derider. The Bear, an acronym for the first four founding members of the band: Brandon, Evan, Adam and Reggie. For fans of Deer Tick, Gogol Bordello and Foxy Shazam, Jack & The Bear is “the greatest thing you will ever see, probably.” In addition to past features on MTV’s renowned series Catfish and Teen Mom, Jack & The Bear will be working closely with sync house, North Star Media. 

“For North Star, signing Jack And The Bear was a no-brainer. Cool songs. Cool vibe. And they work their asses off. What’s not to love?”
-John A. Sepetys (Sr. Director, A&R)

“I’d like Jack & the Bear to be the J.R.R. Tolkien, the Alton Brown, the mighty challenger of the music industry as it stands today. I want Jack to take everyone out of the frying pan, and hurl them into the fire – the fire being a world where music isn’t a photo shopped, shined up, feeling-less, auto-tuned turd. We want to bring people a beat and stories, theatrics and a show that is raw, uncut and completely unforgettable. I’d like to leave behind our own unconventional chapter in the pages of music history – leaving our genre as ‘unclassifiable,’ rivaling nothing other than ourselves.”
–Brandon James Schreiber (vocals/guitar). 

Make sure to catch Jack & The Bear at Burning River Fest 2014 in Cleveland, OH on July 25 – 26.

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Corbin Alvae
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