Stream Three Of The Bonus Tracks From C!NCC’s Reissue Of ‘Pardon My French’

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! have officially released the deluxe version of their 2013 album, Pardon My French. The reissue includes three brand new songs as well as an acoustic version of their single “Taking Chances.” If you would like to hear the songs before picking up the deluxe edition then you are in luck! You can stream the three new tracks, which are titled “Kids,” “Insanity” and “Good For You,” by clicking “Read More.”

All three songs are in typical C!NCC fashion. Their style of mixing pop punk with hardcore separates them from their peers in the scene. These songs have that upbeat, carefree attitude and are great additions to the rest of the tracks on the album.

The deluxe reissue of Pardon My French is available for purchase at stores like Best Buy or FYE, or you can grab a digital copy on iTunes.

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