‘Conjuring’ Spin-Off ‘Annabelle’ Set For October Release

For the majority of 2014 I have been quietly obsessing over the fact that October has very few horror films scheduled for release, despite the fact it’s statistically one of the best times of the year for thrills and chills to debut on the silver screen. Thankfully, the house that James Wan built, or at least the crazy little doll that resides within it, have saved the day.

According to Variety, New Line has set an October 3 release date for The Conjuring spin-off known as Annabelle. No plot information has been released, but we believe the film will tell the real life story behind the doll that was featured throughout The Conjuring. Yes, it’s a real story, and you’re going to think it sounds like something straight out of a movie. As our friends at /film explain:

Despite the fact that the movie Annabelle is a white-faced, almost garishly made-up little girl, the original Annabelle investigated by the real Ed and Lorraine Warren was a pretty normal-looking Raggedy Ann doll. Given to Donna, a college student, the doll resided in the home Donna shared with a roommate. They soon experienced strange things with the doll: it seemed to move on its own, and even left notes.

The doll eventually attacked a friend of the girls — or he believes himself to have been attacked by it, at least. That led to a call to a priest, who in turn called the Warrens. An exorcism was performed to rid the doll of the demon which supposedly wanted to possess Donna, and the Warrens took the doll home. Even then, it continued to exert a malevolent influence, moving through the Warren home, and levitating from Ed’s desk. After another failed exorcism, they finally locked the doll in a cabinet, where it still sits.

You can view a photo /film dug up on the real Annabelle doll below. It may haunt your dreams.

An October 3 release pits Annabelle against David Fincher’s Gone Girl, which will almost certainly take the box office crown over those initial three days. That said, if Annabelle is even half the film The Conjuring was there is a decent chance this spin-off will find the legs it needs to survive in theaters until Halloween arrives.

We expect a trailer for Annabelle will surface soon. Stay tuned.


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