G-Eazy Performs “Far Alone” For MTV

Now that These Things Happen has caught the attention of the mainstream media, Bay Area rapper G-Eazy has found himself thrust into the spotlight more than ever before. As such, he’s become the darling of every influential blog that was too cool to give him the time of day before, including MTV.

Okay, to be fair this is not the first time G-Eazy has made his way onto MTV. His last few videos have been featured on the aging entertainment company’s site in the past, but this morning his first real feature debuted when the MTV blog ran an ‘Artist To Watch’ piece on G. In it, the James Dean of modern hip-hop performs an exciting rendition of “Far Alone” with live accompaniment. You can view the performance below:

You can find the original MTV article, which features the gushing musings of writers Adam Fleischer, here.

Though this video does not feature the usual wall of lights that accompany G-Eazy’s live show, it does offer viewers a small taste of the energy he can bring to the stage. If you dig it, I highly suggest seeking out G’s next tour.

These Things Happen is available now wherever music is sold.

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