‘As God Says’ Trailer: Takashi Miike Adapts Bloody Popular Comic

At the end of last month, we learned that there is an adaptation of  Takashi Miike‘s Audition pending. The response was mixed at best. Now, at the end of this month, we’re much more excited for an adaptation by, not of, Miike.

As God Says was a 2011-12 comic book written by Muneyuki Kanshiro and drawn by Akeji Fujimura that, according to Variety, has sold 1.5 million paperback copies. The plot is a familiar, and suddenly popular, one – kids forced to kill each other.

It immediately conjures up Battle Royale and Hunger Games, this plot “about teenagers forced to play a deadly game by unknown forces.” It’s much more likely to be like the former than the latter – this is a Miike film, and there will be blood. There will be a lot of blood. There will also be a mouse costume, I guess.

“They live, some heads roll, they run, blood sprays, they cry, they laugh and then they die – in other words, a fun movie,” said Miike of the film.

Sota Fukushi stars; meet the cast of characters below.

Tyler Hanan
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