‘Horns’ Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Shows His Dark Side

In the upcoming movie Horns, Daniel Radcliffe turns into a demon. The anti-Harry Potter fanatics who claimed the movies were devil worship may say they saw this coming. Anyone tracking the eclectic and varied role choices Radcliffe has made outside of Potter should hardly be surprised by the odd choice. What is somewhat surprising is that the film’s newly released trailer actually looks like a damn good time.

Radcliffe plays Ig, who takes the blame for his girlfriend’s mysterious death. In the trailer, Ig declares in a husky American accent, “If I did kill her, I’d be a monster!” Then he sprouts these demonic, ram-like horns. And the town descends into hellish madness. Coincidence?

Juno Temple, Max Minghella, Kelli Garner and Heather Graham join him the horror-fantasy thriller directed by Keith Bunin, based on the novel by Joe Hill. Horns will be released October 31. Check out the trailer below.


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