NSYNC Are Just As Surprised By Their New Album As You Are

Surprise albums seem to be what’s in right now. But an album so under wraps that the band itself isn’t aware of its existence? Is that going to be a thing now?

A new NSYNC album was released yesterday, and physical copies of it are quickly flying off the shelves. The album, titled The Essential, is a two disc compilation of their best hits as well as a CD’s worth of songs never released on an album before. This is exciting news, so what’s the problem? Apparently none of the band members even knew this album was being released. According to a Lance Bass podcast Dirty Pop he only found out about it after fans were tweeting at him talking about it. He then passed along the news to the rest of the gang. You can listen to his podcast by heading right here. Bass has also stated that Sony Legacy, the label who released the album, wrote to him apologizing for the lack of communication.

You can see a few tweets below the break by members of the band talking about the pleasant surprise of having a top selling album they didn’t even know was coming out.

If you want to pick up the album, which you should, you can do so through iTunes or Amazon.

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