Weatherbox Drop Off Tour Due To Medical Emergency

Weatherbox have been on tour with Dikembe, but today their part of the tour has been cut short. Weatherbox announced a few hours ago that they will be dropping off their current tour because of a medical emergency. It seems the frontman has been having some health problems over the last few days, and it apparently came to a head today. They did not specify what’s wrong, but plan on updating fans in the near future. You can read a couple of updates by taking a look below the jump.

Dikembe have promised they will continue the remainder of the tour as planned and will let fans know if anything else changes.

We will post any updates on Brian Warren’s condition and hope he recovers from what is ailing him.

July 30

Sorry to everyone who had to see me struggling last night. Let’s just say it’s not gonna happen again.

August 5

As those of you in Salt Lake City and Sacramento already know, we’ve had to drop off the remainder of this tour with Dikembe due to a medical emergency. As those in Kansas and Colorado witnessed, the train was coming off the tracks and despite everyone’s noble efforts, the tour was unable to go on.

We will be provide updates as soon as we know more ourselves…

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