Action Bronson Prepares Us For ‘Mr. Wonderful’ With The Premiere of “Easy Rider”

Action Bronson has been the favorite emcee of your closest friend with a love for underground hip hop for longer than anyone cares to remember. In 2014, however, Bronson is stepping into the mainstream with plans to release his new album, Mr. Wonderful, before the end of the year. Today, the album’s first single debuted online.

You never know what to expect when Action Bronson steps into the booth, but you can almost always expect him to deliver a line or two that would sound completely ridiculous if delivered by anyone else in rap today. In “Easy Rider,” which hit iTunes this morning, those lines come when Bronson raps about having a midget at his beckon call and the time he took acid for 10 days straight while on vacation. This, and everything else he touches on, comes through with perfect clarity against a laid back groove that is heavily influenced by the kind of experimental music that made every great drug trip in 1970s cinema so damn memorable. Check it out:

Aside from the lyrical content, which is signature Bronson, “Easy Rider” marks a clear departure from the sound that backed Blue Chips 2 and Saab Stories. This is not a bad thing by any means, but it certainly makes me curious about the other sounds Mr. Wonderful may contain. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the track!

Action Bronson has not set a release date for Mr. Wonderful, but we hope that information comes to light in the near future. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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