Stream A Low-Quality Leak Of Kanye West’s New Single, “All Day”

Leaks are a tricky subject in the world of music blogging. On one hand, we want to do our best to bring you the latest and greatest music available regardless of how we find it. On the other hand, we do not want to piss off our industry peers to the point they no longer want to work with us. It’s a fine line we tip toe on a day-to-day basis, and this morning we decided sharing just one early leak would not be the death of us. Let’s hope we’re correct.

Just after midnight, a low-quality leak of Kanye West‘s upcoming single “All Day” found its way online. We do not know exactly how the person responsible for uploading the clip got away with capturing the audio, but to be perfectly honest it sounds as if they pointed an iPhone toward a speaker and hoped for the best. Revolt TV picked up the clip, and they have since made it available for everyone to enjoy. Click below to experience “All Day.”

There were rumors that Kanye was going to follow the sound and style of Yeezus with his next record, but “All Day” sounds a bit more mainstream. With a few tweaks and a lot of edits for profanity, there is no reason this song could not make its way to radio. Personally, I think that is what Kanye needs more than anything right now – A hit.

A proper version of “All Day” should surface in the coming days or week. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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