EXCLUSIVE: Fine Fine Titans Tour Blog #3

Grand Rapids, Michigan hard rock outfit Fine Fine Titans have quickly become one of the most talked about unsigned bands of 2014. Between their recently released Omega EP, as well as many performances across our great nation, this group has everything going for them and show no signs of slowing their climb to the top of rock’s underground anytime soon.

Today, we are excited and honored to complete the series of tour blogs the band has agreed to write for UTG during their recent string of dates. The third entry, which covers the end of the run and everything that happened right before it, can be found below.

Under A Titan Moon

As it turns out, three short journal entries simply cannot convey what a small group of people can experience in eleven days.

When I walked into my home this afternoon after a long trip straight through the night and early morning from Albany, New York to Grand Rapids, Michigan, I felt like I had been away for a month. My head a little foggy from sleep deprivation and slight dehydration, I wasn’t sure what to do next. In those moments of grogginess, it became apparent to me that as much as I missed my home and my dogs, I would miss the road just as much.

I’ll swiftly jump back to Thursday, August 7th.

After I completed and sent my second installment of our tour blog, the guys and I proceeded back to the scuzzy motel in West Haven, Connecticut to deal with our room situation. When given keys to try a different room that was [free] of insects and filth, to our surprise, the next rooms were worse…complete with a box of condoms in the stairwell. We checked out immediately and fled across town to The Red Roof Inn. The difference was night and day and we decided to call the place home for a few nights as a central location to our shows.

The next four nights were spent with our wonderful friends in Brighter Than A Thousand Suns. They greeted us with warm hugs and fresh baked vegan chocolate chip cookies that Randy (guitarist of BTATS) baked himself as soon as we rolled into town. The next night in Connecticut, they brought the house down with their set at The Space. Angelika (vocalist and bassist of BTATS) and I enjoyed having eachother up for guest vocals on both sets and afterwards, we ran off that night to devour falafels.

The following night brought us to New Jersey. Although three of the five bands on the bill that night had dropped off and the original promoter of the show ceased communication with the bands (due to no longer holding employment at the venue), we were optimistic of the night anyhow. With time to kill between loading in and opening doors, we enjoyed a rowdy game of Cards Against Humanity with the bar’s staff and the night was off to an explosive start. A few tunes and a few hours later, we were off to rest up for the next stop: New York City.

Luck was on our side the following day when we scored close parking directly in front of the venue called The Delancey on a Saturday night in NYC. We watched while each band dominated the stage and were thrilled to see a few more familiar faces. After a few unsteady days, the energy was renewed within the band and the city treated us well, despite nearly witnessing a devastating crotch-rocket accident on the freeway while on our way back to the motel.

We rested up and caught luscious green scenery the next day as we made the trip upstate New York to a town called Albany. With the windows down, a warm breeze throwing our hair around and what Angelika would later describe as a “Bob Ross Painting” tour, I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be at that moment. So grateful for the past few days with another band that we adore so much and for all the new friends we made along the way, my heart was full. I was certain that this show would go over well and we would all make it home satisfied people and a satisfied band. The night did not disappoint. The performances sailed and the reception was incredible. PVRIS took the stage as soon as we finished our set and the show couldn’t have ended on a better note…despite Andre’s (drummer of BTATS) lost ignition key that kept us searching the venue for over an hour after doors closed.

And what do you know? We ended the tour under a super moon. The natural wonder set yet another incredible view as we rolled through the mountains late Sunday night and it reminded me to appreciate every single step and lesson learned along the way.

You can gain great insight to people in just eleven days but what can shock you more is how much you can learn about yourself in the same short time frame. Through small hiccups or larger spoliation, our ability to bounce back in attempt to understand and accept each other is truly remarkable. And although shoving yourself in a van with three or four or five other individuals may seem like a constant party, it’s still just another dysfunctional family that somehow magically keeps functioning.

That’s sort of the best part.

Your support is amazing, Titans. We are forever indebted to you and we hope so much that we can do this again. Until next time!



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