Dave Attell Appears On Episode 4 Of ‘The Jim Norton Show’

“Is anyone on Tinder?” Jim Norton asks the crowd while opening up the latest episode of his new talk show. After pausing for a moment of dead silence he returns strong, “Where’d you f*ckin’ find this audience, immigration?”

There is little left for Jim Norton to do that would really surprise us anymore, that’s why watching episodes of his new show on VICE have gone from shocking to simply entertaining. It isn’t most talk shows that feature the host referring to himself as a human toliet in the opening monologue.

For the fourth episode of The Jim Norton Show, Little Jimmy brings out legendary comic and cohort Dave Attell, Sherrod Small, and Rich Vos. Rich Vos, who you may recognize from NBC’s Last Comic Standing or his podcast My Wife Hates Me on the Riotcast Network, is another veteran comic who’s spent more time alongside Norton than most people would feel comfortable with. He’s actually taken his podcast, which he co-hosts with his wife Bonnie McFarlane, onto the waves of SiriusXM. This is to provide some new content for what once was The Opie and Anthony Channel. Dave Attell’s newest endeavor Comedy Underground With Dave Attell can be watched online here.

Derek Scancarelli
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