Ace Enders Shares Half of a Song, Tentatively Called “Keep Moving”

It’s been a minute since Ace Enders has excited me this much. Between this and the song he released earlier this year, “One More Song,” it’s getting pretty obvious he’s working on something.

Today, Enders shared a iPhone Session video, that was taken in the studio as he was apparently helping mix another band’s record. The description below the video on YouTube tells the story of the creation.

“A few months back I was mixing a record for another band. While each track was bouncing down (roughly 3-4 minutess each), I wrote 8 songs in that time, playing and singing the first thing that came into my mind. I recorded each as a voice memo in that moment and then built the song around that. So no metronome and very little edits. Just a cracky voice memo that you can hear all over the album. thankfully Trevor from was there the whole time to document it.. Here is a small piece of it!!”

Listen for yourself below. It’s moving and emotional and awesome. So stoked to see what comes of this.

Stay tuned to UTG for any updates regarding Ace Enders, The Early November, any of his projects, whatever this gets named.

Corey From
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