LISTEN: Zedd Remixes MAGIC!’s Radio Hit, “Rude”

It’s safe to say that anything EDM Producer/DJ Zedd puts his hands has the potential to make you love his version a little more than the original.

This most recent remix sure makes it seem like it, at least. Millions of people across the globe have been listening to Canadian reggae fusion outfit MAGIC!’s radio hit, “Rude,” and it’s pretty catchy. As every song being aired a hundred times a day, however, it eventually gets old and the desire to listen to the same track once more declines to a zero. This is where Zedd swoops in and gives the masses a slightly modified, over electrified version of said radio hit.

In this energy-congested version, Zedd eliminates the track’s reggae identifier and transforms this song to an exciting, fist-pumping hit. You can stream Zedd’s EDM remix of “Rude” below.

Dana Reandelar
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