Rick Ross Releases Statement Regarding Meek Mill’s ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ Album

Meek Mill was due to release his Sophomore studio album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, on September 2 of this year. The date came and went without mention of the album becoming available, and tonight we found out why.

Writing to the press on behalf of Meek Mill, Maybach Music Group founder Rick Ross has revealed that the currently imprisoned Mill had his record pulled at the last minute in order to record more material. There is no date for the new album’s release, but Ross encourages fans who are hungry for more music to write Mill in jail. The full statement reads:

“MMG and Meek Mill have decided to release Dreams Worth More Than Money at a future date,” Rick Ross says in a statement, according to MTV. “In true MMG fashion, Meek has dedicated himself to perfecting his sophomore project and it is only right that it should be rolled out exceptionally well. MMG also wants his fans to know that Meek is doing great and he wants to hear from you. So write him at.

CEC Hoffman Hall
3950B D Steet
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Robert Williams
PP# 892643

In the meantime, keep looking out for new music from the project, keep supporting Meek and KEEP DREAMING! #MMG4LIFE.”

Meek Mill was sentenced to prison earlier this year for a parole violation stemming from a gun incident that took place nearly five years ago. He is scheduled to be released on October 11.

The rapper went before a judge on August 18 and asked to be released from jail in order to return to his career and to support his son, but the judge ordered the Philadelphia artist to take anger management classes and a parenting class instead.

Several new songs from Mill made their way online late last week that were rumored to be connected to the album, but given this new development it’s unclear whether or not that is still the case. We didn’t post them because MMG did not release them. When they do, you can bet your ass we’ll run them here. For now, enjoy this confirmed album single:

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