Anchorlines Announce Hiatus, Will Be Refunding Indiegogo Contributors

Anchorlines have been chugging along all on their own since their inception back in 2009. They accrued a fair amount of dedicated fans in that time, and successfully released an EP as well as a few singles. The band was planning on releasing a new album, and even launched an Indiegogo campaign, but unfortunately the band made a sad announcement yesterday which is pulling the plug on the new release.

The group confirmed via their Facebook page that they are going on hiatus. They stated up front that they are simply unable to balance their lives with the responsibilities and stresses of being in a band. Because of this, they are canceling their Indiegogo campaign and will be going on hiatus. So that means if you contributed you will get your money back.

You can read all of what the band had to say below the break.

To all of our friends, family, and fans,

We have recently had to make the hardest decision any of us have ever had to make, and put Anchorlines on an indefinite hiatus. We are at a point where we are struggling with the responsibilities and stress that come with being a band, and are unable to balance those elements with our responsibilities to our personal lives.

We will have to cancel the IndieGoGo campaign for our new album and refund the money to all of our amazing contributors. From there we will finish playing the shows that we currently have booked, and announce our final shows shortly. After the final shows we are attempting to sort out the issues and conflicts in our personal lives and will decide if we can continue as a band.

We can’t thank everyone enough for all of the wonderful support and encouragement you have given us over the past six years. This has been an experience that all of us will never forget, and we’re so grateful to have had so many people all over the world enjoy our music and our performances. You mean everything to us and we could not have made it this far without you. Thank you all for

– Jeff, Nick, Luke, Ryan and Corwin

Photo credit: Larry Wentworth Photography

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