Damien Rice Streams “I Don’t Want To Change You”

We are still bouncing off the walls with excitement over the fact that Damien Rice is back in the music scene, and earlier today the singer/songwriter delivered a second taste of his new album that somehow managed to make our love for his signature sound grow.

“I Don’t Want To Change You” is the second new song from Damien Rice to surface in two weeks. The song plays like a love letter to someone Rice may or may not be with at this present point in time. There appears to be some kind of distance between Rice and the person he’s writing to, but he wants them to know that he is willing to do anything he can to make the bad times a little more bearable. He doesn’t want to change them, he just wants to be there for them, and even if they don’t want that at this point in time that is okay. He’s willing to wait. That’s what love is all about. You can stream the track, in full, on NPR. If you need more convincing, you can experience a clip of the track below.

Damien Rice will release his third studio album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, on November 11.

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