Microwave Release “Trash Stains” Music Video

Microwave is a funny name for a band, but the band who has that name could not be further from a joke. Hailing from Atlanta, Microwave have been a buzz band for the better part of two years, and earlier today they partnered with our friends at Absolutepunk to debut a brand new music video.

“Trash Stains” is the first official single to surface off Microwave’s recently released debut album, Stovall. It’s the kind of introspective indie rock that has propelled bands like Tigers Jaw to the top of the punk underground, and if there is any type of higher power in the universe it will do the same for Microwave. We haven’t talked about this band much on UTG up to this point, but I can tell you first hand that the majority of our staff has fallen in love with them over the last month. “Trash Stains” is the perfect place for newcomers to begin, so click below and discover the band that may very well be your next musical addiction.

Stovall is available now on Bandcamp. If you are broke, you can also stream the album on Spotify and Rdio. Whatever you do, make sure you experience more music from this band.

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