Flashback: Stream Fireworks’ Original Demo EP, ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’

We have been spending a lot of time at UTG talking about the origin of bands that dominate headlines today. We have been around for over half a decade at this point, but that’s not quite as long enough to have covered every step of an artist’s career. Many bands had several years of recording and touring experience before UTG came into existence. As a result, we missed the opportunity to showcase these acts when they were young and unknown. We can never get that experience in full, but we recently realized we could stroll through memory lane ever-so-slightly by sharing the recordings that launched your favorite acts.

Today, we are excited to kick off a new series that will highlight the songs, EPs, and albums that more or less helped the biggest acts of today find their footing in the industry. Everyone has to start somewhere, as they say, and in the weeks ahead we hope to showcase the early steps many UTG regulars took in order to become the headliners they are now.

The first band we wanted to highlight is none other than Fireworks. Formed in 2005, Fireworks hit the studio not long after their inception and created a five-track EP that has since come to be known as Can’t Hardly Wait. The five-track release, which was heavily influenced by the Jennifer Love Hewitt led teen comedy of the same name, featured material that would later appear on Fireworks’ Run For Cover debut, We Are Everywhere. There are also some songs that time has long forgot, such as “Sheep! You Are All Sheep! BAH!”

We had to dig through several cloud storage systems and at least two external hard drives to find Can’t Hardly Wait, but lucky for us one UTG staffer still had the record in their digital possession. You can now stream that record, in full, below.

Can’t Hardly Wait was distributed to labels and sold at shows, but finding copies today is next to impossible. This may be your only opportunity to hear this material, so take action now before the files disappear forever:

Fireworks’ latest release, Oh, Common Life, is available now via Triple Crown Records.

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