‘American Sniper’ Teaser Is Everything You Want In A Great Movie Preview

Strap in, film fans. This one is a doozy.

Most movie fans also love trailers, and those who don’t often complain that many previews for coming attractions spoil major reveals that would be better left for those experiencing the film in full. I don’t disagree with that argument, but I do believe it’s entirely possible to be sold on a movie without having any real idea what is going on. Gone Girl‘s trailers are a perfect example of this, as is the recent promo for Inherent Vice. Now, thanks to filmmaker Clint Eastwood, we can add American Sniper to that list as well.

Featuring what is essentially a complete scene, which may or may not appear in the final cut of the film, the first teaser for American Sniper wastes no time setting up an intense and terrifying situation. We see our hero, played by Bradley Cooper, scanning buildings for terrorists and those who may wish to harm the troops currently making their way into a small town. He hesitates to take out his first target, but cannot look away from a woman and small child he spots moments later. It appears one has a bomb on them, and it’s up to Cooper to decide whether they live or die. If he’s wrong, things will go very bad for him. If he’s right, lives will be saved. Check it out:

There are glimpses of the life Cooper’s character left behind spliced into the clip above, and for me it’s those moments that make the biggest impact of all. It’s one thing to see a man staring at evil through scope of his gun, but understanding the thoughts and sensations racing through his mind as his finger begins to squeeze the trigger is something else entirely. If Eastwood can deliver on the promise of everything this trailer seems to tease, I have no doubt in my mind this film will be a big award season favorite.

American Sniper will receive a qualifying run in December. Stay tuned for more information.

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