Grey Gordon Cancels Remaining Tour Dates With Fossil Youth

Just hours ago, one of our favorite up-and-coming artists Grey Gordon took to Facebook to announce some unfortunate news. Gordon, who has been on the road with Fossil Youth, has been forced to cancel the remaining dates of the tour. The dates were in support of his new album, Forget I Brought It Up, which was released on September 2 through No Sleep Records.

The tour was supposed to run through October 28 and hit cities from Arizona all the way back to Oklahoma. The news came in light of some unfortunate circumstances (such as show cancellations) on tour, and simply comes down to the lack of financial ability to stay on the road. This is a struggle that has plagued artists for years before UTG existed and will continue to for many years to come.

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It saddens me to announce that myself and Fossil Youth were forced to cancel the remaining dates on our tour together. We obviously loathe the fact that we have to do this, but essentially, so many shows were cancelled that we ultimately had not even 2/3 of our original dates. With the driving distances, road expenses, etc., it became financially impossible for us to continue. Besides which, the prospect of logistically working out the process of playing only 10 shows over the next 23 days was simply too daunting to manage on all fronts. I wish so badly that we could play the remaining shows, and it feels like a defeat having to do this, but sometimes things just sort of fall apart. As of right now, I’m regrouping so that I can hit it harder and smarter next time, and crossing my fingers that we get ahold of some better promoters and luck the next time around. My lifestyle is admittedly pretty insane, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the shows, put us up, gave us places to play and supported us in any way. We’ll see y’all again very soon.

Check out a recent Grey Gordon acoustic cover song produced by Little Elephant, below.

To support Gordon by purchasing some merch or music, visit No Sleep Records.

Derek Scancarelli
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