Mr. Bean Returns In New Snickers Ad

This was unexpected.

Seven years have passed since Mr. Bean’s Holiday, but the beloved character brought to life by Rowan Atkinson has finally returned thanks to the clever people at Snickers.

Snickers’ ‘You’re not yourself when you’re hungry’ campaign has been running for a while at this point, and much like the long-running ‘milk mustache’ ads of yesteryear many recent ads have relied on celebrity appearances to boost promotion. The latest, which tells the tale of ninjas trying to sneak up on their enemy in the dead of night, finds Mr. Bean proving once and for all that he is far from the master of stealth attacks. Check it out:

If you have no idea who Mr. Bean is, shame on you. There are two movies and many seasons of a classic British TV show for you to educate yourself with, but we’ll get you started with this clip:

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